METALLIC Mystery 10 decal Bundle - DESIGNER - LOGOS - PATTERNS and more

METALLIC Mystery 10 decal Bundle - DESIGNER - LOGOS - PATTERNS and more

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Please note decals are Chosen at Random, I can’t take custom content requests, there will be no duplicates and all decals are perfect, no faulty or duplicate decals.

your bundle will consist of a mix of 10 decals - Disney , and  Characters from favourite animated films. ** I’m so sorry, due trouble rules of my webhost and payment provider, I can’t put any photos of these decals on my website, but please contact me if you have any questions 

All of my decals are chemical resistant and can be used with gel polish or encapsulated into acrylic.

My decals is printed using revolutionary white ink technology, which means it will stay opaque over any nail base colour. ***No white base needed***

I pride myself on my decals being 100% handmade and of the highest quality.

how to apply

Simply cut the decal close to the image, soak the decals for 30-40 seconds in lukewarm water, then slide the image off the backing sheet, onto the nail, seal with 2 coats of clear polish/uv gel.

There’s lots of YouTube Tutorials if you search ‘Queen of Decals’
MY hints and tips: I like to tuck the decal right into the sidewalls with my cuticle tool, then I gently melt away the access decal using a small nail art brush dipped in acetone.

How long will the last???
💅🏻With regular nail polish, you can expect a few days, so perfect for temporary statement nails that will remove easily with nail polish remover.
💅🏻 With gel polish, you can expect 1-2 weeks, but professionally applied with gel polish, you can expect longer especially if they’re sealed with a builder gel and a good quality topcoat gel.
💅🏻 With Acrylic, you can expect them to last until your next salon maintenance appointment.

I do hope you love my designs, if you don’t see what your looking for, you can choose the custom wrap listing and we can work together to create your perfect wrap.

love Bev xx

Please feel free to ask me any questions.